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Onsite Smart Repairs


French Polishing repairs

As French Polishers we're used to doing touch-ups on any timber products that you may have. This can range from reviving old doors on a refit to doing spot repairs on new items. We colour match timbers onsite on top of existing finishes which saves time and money. These services are offered on a very competitive fixed day rate for contractors.


smart repairs

Using modern materials and techniques we're able to repair almost any cosmetic surface damage that you may have. This can be on plastic, metals, timber, tiles and many more building products. Again, we offer these services on a very competitive fixed day rate for contractors. 


Why use us?

What sets us apart from other smart or 'magic' repair companies?

First and foremost, our extensive training and experience goes beyond many of our rivals. This experience is what's needed on both the smallest and largest of projects so we can deliver an end result that's acceptable to even the most stringent of architects. 

Secondly, the fact that we can repair almost any surface means we'd be the only repair contractor that you'd need on your job. This way you're guaranteed the same high standard of work on all of your finished surfaces.

Thirdly, COST. Not only do we offer extremely competitive rates, our extensive experience has made us very efficient at carrying out these types of repairs which, over the course of a day or a week brings down the unit cost of each repair considerably.